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oriental medicine - Acupuncture

Oriental Medicine

At Ladera Chiropractic and Wellness we offer a full complement of Oriental Medicine including Acupuncture, Infra-Red Therapy, Cupping, Tui na and Chinese Herbs.

Oriental Medicine is a comprehensive health care system in which the theory and practice of acupuncture is based upon. It is practiced in Asian countries to diagnose, treat illness and promote health.

The concept of acupuncture is that our health depends on the circulation of nutrients and energy called Qi (pronounced chee), which is influenced by the positive and negative force of the universe or yin and yang.

Qi travels through our body and connects organs via a complex network of "channels" or "meridians" to balance, harmonize and regulate our physiological processes. Just like electrical controls, acupoints (found along the channels or meridians) act as switches that can be "turned on" or "turned off" causing physiological effects in the body. Each point has unique effect on the Qi.

Acupuncturists stimulate acupoints by inserting thin needles through skin to promote free-flow of Qi and thus, treat health conditions.